Monday, October 20, 2008

New Season in Full Swing

Well, our new season is in full swing.  We are very proud of these episodes and we hope that you are enjoying them.    Make sure you check out our new episode this Thursday at 7:30.  We will be taking you on an inside tour of the Jelly Belly Factory.  This is a real dream come true for the CQ staff.  We had an amazing time filming it and left the factory with a definite sugar rush.  

We are proud to say that we get an increasing number of letters from our viewers every week, but don't stop now.  We need more!  The Curiosity Quest staff reads every letter of curiosity that comes our way.  You never know, we could choose your letter next.  Please continue to write and tell us what you are curious about.  Right now we are, specifically, looking for letters on "green" issues.  

We received an unprecedented number of letters from viewers over the weekend.  Thank you to all of you.  Our favorite letter of the week  came to us from Daniel in Cortland, NY.  Daniel is 
5 years old and he wrote,

"My Quest Idea is:  To go in a research submarine to view sea creatures of the deep
and draw what we see.  I'd really like to go on one of the subs that has a
big viewing window so I can see a lot of stuff easily and have room to draw."

Thank you for your letter Daniel.  We hope that we can do a letter on submarines sometime soon :) 

Thank you for everyone for your ongoing support.  We look forward to hearing from you.  

Stay Curious!