Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My List of Favorite things and a Gift for You

Hi there CQ Fans! Happy Holidays to you and your family. I love the holiday season so much. How about you?

For this vlog post I thought I would honor the holiday season by telling you what my top 12 favorite things about the holidays are. Check out the video to hear my list. Do you have a list of favorite things about the holidays? I would love to hear what they are. Comment below and let me know.

I have some free videos to give away from one of the holiday episodes that we made several years ago. Want one? Just watch the video above and learn how you can get your free copy.

In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying every second of the holiday season. It goes by so quick so make sure you are taking the time to find gratitude for all of your blessings.

Happy Holidays to you!

Until next time, Stay Curious!

~ Joel

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Justin Beiber vs One Direction

Hey There CQ Fans,

Well, November is upon us.  I hope that you all had a great Halloween.  I know I did.  My daughter was a pirate and my son was a spider.  We had a great time trick or treating.  I hope you did too. 

Check out my video above.  I am reading some of your letters and answering some interesting questions that I have received recently including one about One Direction.  You know, the uber popular boy band.  Is Justin Beiber in or out?  Not sure.... what do you think?

Also watch for details on how you can help Hurricane Sandy victims by visiting the Curiosity Quest Store.  We are donating 50% of profits from all DVD sales to the American Red Cross.  All you have to do is enter the coupon code "sandy" at check out.

Lastly, I am looking for some help.  Curiosity Quest might have the opportunity to go to Hawaii to film some shows in the near future.  I know.... awesome, huh?  Well,  I need your ideas to help us come up with some creative Curiosity Quest episode ideas.   Tell me,  what would you like to learn about Hawaii?  Is there any thing that you are curious about with regards to this beautiful island state? Comment below and let me know.  Can't wait to hear your ideas.

In the meantime,
Stay Curious!

~ Joel
Curiosity Quest

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Danica Patrick's Race Car and Me

Hey CQ Fans!

Today is the first day in Southern California that you can catch a hint of Fall.  Personally, I love it.  I will take the cold and rain over the heat any day.  Unfortuantely, it looks like the heat will return this weekend, but in the meantime, I am going to enjoy the chill in the air.

As I have told you before, the crew and I recently went to North Carolina to film some shows.  One of the shows that we filmed was on how NASCAR's are built.   In the process of filming this show, I had the priviledge of sitting in Danica Patrick's car, or let's say, I attempted to fit in her seat.

Check out the video for a quick story about me and Danica Patrick's race car.

Question of the day:  What is your favorite Halloween Candy?    Comment below and let me know.  Mine is ..... hmmmm.....well.... ALL OF IT!!!!  I love it all.  You name it, I will eat it.  How about you?

In the meantime,

Stay Curious!

~ Joel

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Goat Ate What?????

Happy September to Our Wonderful CQ Fans!

I hope that the return of fall, which is nearly here, finds you all doing well.  The Curiosity Quest crew is doing great!  We are knee deep in producing our new season and having a blast while we are at it.

The end of August, brought the CQ crew to North Carolina with contest winner, Genevieve and her family to learn all about how mirrors are made. Let me tell you one thing . . . making mirrors is hot!  Really, I mean literally hot.  It was 150 degrees in the factory.  Can you imagine?  It was so hot that we worried that the cameras would melt!

While we were there in North Carolina, we decided that there were a couple of other things that we were curious too.  So we took some time to learn how NASCAR's are made and we made a stop at a goat farm to learn how to care for and raise goats!  It was awesome, but the goat did cause some damage.  I will let you watch the video I posted to find out what it ate :)

Thank you to all of you who commented on our last post to tell us what to ask while we were on these other shoots.  It was so helpful!

Comment and tell us what your favorite thing about Fall is.  Mine, is the cooler weather for sure!

In the meantime,

Stay Curious!

~ Joel 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We Need Your Help!!!!

Hey there CQ Fans! What's Up???????

I hope things are going well with you. As I said, I am in need of your help. How you might ask?

Well, the crew and myself are heading to North Carolina with our contest winner, Genevieve, to learn how mirrors are made. We are so excited about this show and are so happy to have Genevieve and her family joining us on this awesome quest. While we are in North Carolina, we decided to do a couple of other shows as well.

Guess what we will be doing? Ok, I won't make you guess. I will just tell you.

We are going to be heading to a goat farm to learn all about goats. I don't know the first thing about these adorable animals. Do you? There is so much I would like to know about them, but I want to hear what you would like to know.  What have you always wondered about goats?  Let me know, so I can be sure to ask while I am filming the show.

Lastly, and this is a big one . . . we are going to be learning how NASCARs are built! Can you believe it? I know, me either!  We are going to learn, first hand, how these amazing vehicles are made. What do you want to know about NASCARs? What should I ask the experts? Comment below and let me know!

Thank you again for being such awesome fans. Stay tuned on Facebook to get updates about how our trip is going and for awesome giveaways.

In the meantime,

 Stay Curious!
~ Joel

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy August!!!

It is August already and kids are heading back to school. It is hard to believe. My daughter went back to school yesterday and started the 4th grade. I don't know about you, but I am not in any hurry to say good-bye to Summer. I am going to hang on to it for as long as I can.

I just wanted to take a minute to say "hi" and give you the latest details on Curiosity Quest. But, don't just let me be the one talking. I would love to hear from you too! Feel free to leave comments and tell me about what you are up to. Are you excited to start school? What do you look forward to the most? Can't wait to hear from you!

Until next week!

Stay Curious!

~ Joel

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Curiosity Quest Sweepstakes!

Hey there CQ fans, I hope that your Summer has been fantastic so far! I know mine has.

My family and I just returned from a adventurous and scenic road trip that took us from California to Texas and back again.  It was an unforgettable time!

What have you been up to this Summer?  I would love to hear about your Summer Vacation.  Comment and let me know the coolest thing you have done this summer.

I wanted to let you know that Curiosity Quest is in the final stages of the Curiosity Quest Sweepstakes.  We received wonderful video entries from kids all over the country, and have widdled the videos down to three.

Now it is up to you.  We would love to hear what you think would make the best Curiosity Quest episode.  To place your vote for the best Curiosity Quest idea go to our Facebook fan page at   and click on the Vote Now button to place your votes.  Help one of these three kids join Joel and the Curiosity Quest crew on set on their very own Curiosity Quest episode. 

In the meantime, thank you for watching Curiosity Quest.  If you have any questions for me you can comment below and I would be happy to answer.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay Curious!

~ Joel

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Hey there CQ fans!

It has been a long time since I posted a video blog. Sorry about that! I have missed you guys.

It has been a very busy couple of months for the CQ crew. We have been hard at work preparing new shows for you. You will love them!

In the meantime, I decided to read some of my recent letters to you. I get hundreds of letters every month, so it is hard to choose just a few. But, keep writing! Maybe I will read one of your letters for my Vlog.

Thank you for being such awesome and dedicated fans! I love you guys!!!

~ Joel