Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Almost done recording the new season of Curiosity Quest Goes Green

We have almost completed recording all of the episodes that will be included in the next season of Curiosity Quest Goes Green. We just got back from Georgia and Alabama where we learned how sport turf is made.

That was an awesome trip! Georgia is a very beautiful state but it was cold - like 32 degrees! We live in California and we aren't used to that kind of winter =)

This season is scheduled to begin airing the last week of March 2009. We will post the full airtime schedule as March gets closer.

We continue to receive great "quest" letter from our fans. Our favorite one that came in this week was from Madalynne in Averill Park, NY. Madalynne wrote, "I would like to know how they make the prescription for eyeglasses." What a creative question. I have always wondered that myself.

Don't stop sending your "quest" letters. We love hearing from you. And remember, stay Curious!

Joel Greene