Thursday, January 28, 2010

John's Incredible Pizza

Hello CQ Fans,

Recently we have received several letters asking us to do a show about pizza. Many of you want to know how it is made. Well.... ask and you shall receive :) This week we did a shoot at John's Incredible Pizza and learned all about how they make this favorite dish. They gave the CQ crew access to all of the behind the scenes action. We literally started from scratch, beginning with the dough making process, to the baking and then to the eating (truly my favorite part). Did you know that there are 6 ingredients that go into dough? Can you name them?

One thing that I learned about myself is that I am surprisingly good at tossing dough. I think I surprised everyone around me, but I knew I could do it. Not a single bit of dough hit the floor. Yes!!!

The CQ crew even got to develop our very own Curiosity Quest pizza. We each added our own choice of topping. It turned out to be a garlic pesto pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, canadian bacon, olives, and a quarter of the pizza had jalepenos, at Brad's request. It was delicious. I think John should seriously consider adding it to their menu :) If you ever go, you should see if they will make it for you. The only problem was that I piled the toppings on so high that the pizza couldn't cook completely right. But we didn't care. It was fabulous!

Anyway, we had a blast and really appreciate John's Incredible Pizza allowing us to mess up their kitchen and learn all about pizza. At John's Incredible they don't just make pizza though. Aside from their pizza, I fell in love with their cinnamon rolls. I won't disclose how many I ate, but let's just say it was far too many :) My sweet tooth definitely got the best of me, as it usually does.

This show will be airing this spring, but to get just a small taste of it I have included a couple minutes of behind the scenes footage. You can see how much fun we really have on these shoots. My crew rocks!

Stay Curious!